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At Alpha Health Center in Greensboro,we offer chiropractic, weight loss, and massage therapy as well as nutritional counselling, custom orthotics, personal training, rehab, physiotherapy and other pain management techniques.. Unlike traditional medical practices, we don't just treat the symptoms of back pain, neck pain and fibromyalgia, we look to underlying causes for the cure. Whether you're dealing with pain from a car accident, chronic headaches, or need a weight loss plan to overcome the aches and pains of being overweight, we're sure to have what you need to regain your full health and vitality. Dr. Jeff and his staff may even be able to help you achieve a completely new level of wellness that you've never experienced before.

Our Pain Management Services in Greensboro

Greensborochiropractor, Dr. Jeff, believes in a holistic or "whole person" philosophy of treating pain and illness. Chronic pain, by and large, can be treated with chiropractic adjustments, and this pain relief can be supported and perpetuated by using other disciplines, such as massage therapy, physiotherapy and lifestyle coaching. Stress-related pain, such as fibromyalgia, also responds amazingly well to these other modes of treatment.

This approach differs from the symptomatic approach that's commonly used in medicine. In the symptomatic approach, you may be given pain pills to deal with back pain, neck pain or other ailments, but largely, the cause of the pain is ignored. Treating the symptoms also tends to be a "cookie cutter" approach, and the lingering pain from a car accident could be treated the same as chronic headaches. (If you are concerned about pain pills, please read the article about them in Sept. 2014 issue of Consumer Reports which reports 46 deaths per day or almost 17,000 deaths per year.)

Our chiropractor will design a custom care plan based on your needs. Naturally, injuries from a car accident will be handled differently than non-trauma related pains. Your initial consultation will involve a development of your care plan following consultation and evaluation by Dr. Jeff.

Typically, your care involves three stages: Relief care, Corrective care, and Wellness/Maintenance care. The treatment frequency and duration is determined from the evaluation. The need for physiotherapy, massage therapy, rehab and nutritional products is determined.

After beginning care it's important that you stick with the care plan you are given, whether for pain or weight loss. In both cases, the relapsed condition is all too often worse than the initial condition.

If you live in the Greensboro area, and suffer from chronic pain in your back or neck, your head, arms or legs, or you've been in a car accident, don't hesitate to call us for an appointment. If you need a weight loss program to relieve pressure from your joints, we can also be of help. Our chiropractic clinic can treat your pain, and we will gladly refer you to another specialist if it's beyond our scope of practice.

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