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Neck Pain is a Pain in the Neck

Have you ever thought about how important your neck is to your entire body?  Think about it for a moment.  Obviously, your neck holds up your head, your brain, your ability to send messages(nerve impulses) to keep your body trucking along.  Your neck rally is amazing.  It allows you to move your head in so many directions, and your neck's flexibility is its greatest strength and its greatest weakness.  In short, you must take care of your neck.

What happens when it gets hurt?

Since your neck has such a wide range of motion, it can be easily injured.  The most common neck injuries or sources of neck pain are as follows:  car accidents, sports injuries, simply getting older, poor posture, and your overall body weight.  Your poorly adjusted desk chair can cause your neck to hurt.  Your daily bending and reaching for things can cause your neck to hurt.  A minor fender bender can cause whiplash which can cause your neck to hurt.  Since your neck holds up your head, you need to find ways to relieve and avoid neck pain.

What can you do to relieve your aching neck?

The first step is going to your chiropractor who will help you locate and target the source of your neck pain.  Your doctor will discuss where your pain began and how it affects you.  Your doctor needs to determine if the pain stays in your neck or if it radiates.  Usually, the most effective treatment is spinal adjustments.  Some therapies may help too. Adjustments work to correct alignment and motion of the vertebrae.  It reduces stiffness.  Stretching exercises may also be good, but they typically do not fix the source of the problem.

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