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Are You Fit While You Sit?

Are you suffering from low back pain in Greensboro?  Low back pain is a common complaint for those that sit for long periods of time.  A majority of employees work at a desk and are unable to move around much during the day.  Chiropractors have often urged those who sit for long periods of time to get up periodically and move around and stretch.

Recently, the American Medical Association has recognized this issue and has implemented ways to change this problem for employees.  They have recently urged employers to make alternative arrangements for employees so that they will not suffer from low back pain due to sitting.  Employees with low back pain are not always cheerful.  What they need is chiropractic care.  It is the treatment of choice for low back pain!

You should see the testimonials of patients helped at www.drjeffdc.com

Dr. Jeff also gives a presentation in the workplace called "Fit While You Sit"

Contact us if you would like him to speak at your workplace.

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