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Our Greensboro Chiropractic Clinic Treats Whiplash Injuries

Car accident injuries treated by Greensboro chiropractor.jpgThe Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) reports that approximately two million insurance claims are filed each year in the US as a result of whiplash injuries. They add that almost 10 percent of these whiplash injuries are severe enough to cause chronic health issues. Whiplash is a broad term that applies to head, neck and spine injuries caused by a car accident or other abrupt jarring of the neck and spine, such as from a roller coaster accident or airplane turbulence. The rapid jerking of the neck in such situations can cause lasting health problems and pain.

Whiplash injuries can be deceiving and sometimes begin with minor pain that develops into a chronic condition over the course of days or weeks if left untreated. Headaches, back pain, tingling of the arms and shoulders, and even blurred vision are all symptoms of this kind of injury.

Treating Whiplash  

You don't have to suffer with a whiplash injury. There are methods of pain management that don't rely on invasive surgery and potentially harmful prescription drugs.  At Alternative Health Clinic in Greensboro, our chiropractor is experienced in helping you manage back and neck pain as well as treating whiplash injuries from auto accidents. Our clinic uses a total wellness approach to healing. We employ traditional chiropractic techniques plus massage therapy to improve circulation and reduce swelling, corrective exercises to build up the muscles surrounding the neck and back, lifestyle advice about such things as the right shoes to wear or desk chair to order, and nutritional counseling, to ensure that you are eating foods that will help you heal.

Have you recently been treated for pain from whiplash or other injuries from a car accident? Was a chiropractor able to help with your pain management? Share your experiences with our readers by leaving a comment below.

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