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Chronic pain can leave you feeling helpless, frustrated and unable to enjoy life to the fullest. Whether it's pain from a car accident injury or fibromyalgia, or chronic neck pain, back pain or headaches, effective pain management is key reclaiming your well-being and getting your life back. Here at Alpha Health Center, our massage therapy treatments in conjunction with chiropractic care not only help relieve your pain, but also promote natural healing and whole body wellness. You may also choose to have just a relaxing massage.

Over time, lactic acid and other toxins naturally build up in our muscles, causing pain and stiffness in your muscles and joints. Massage therapy is essential to flushing out these toxins and bringing fresh, oxygenated blood into the body tissues. By improving circulation in the muscles and joints, your blood stream will be able to directly deliver key nutrients to the parts of your body that need them the most, balancing your immune system and promoting healing. In addition to this detoxification process, regular massage treatments may also help manage stress and promote weight loss by lowering the levels of cortisol in your blood stream. By promoting healing, massage treatments will also augment chiropractic care and weight loss.

Alpha Health Center provides massage therapy in Greensboro that is tailored to meet your specific condition and injury, whether this is chronic back pain or neck pain from a car accident, headaches or fibromyalgia. Regular massage therapy treatments, in combination with chiropractic, can also help restore balance and increase your flexibility, mobility and range of motion. We are currently utilizing a variety of massage therapy techniques with our patients.

If you are not fond of having a traditional manual chiropractic adjustment, then you should be aware that the doctor uses several gentle, low force techniques to adjust your spine. Be sure to bring it up in your consultation.

We have discount programs available. We have a popular membership program and we have packages available. Call to schedule your introductory massage @ Massage Haven at Alpha Health Center.

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