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Chiropractic Services

Some of our patients have insurance that helps them with the cost and some of them do not.  If you do have insurance, then bring us the information (i.e. health insurance card, declarations page of auto insurance, other person's auto insurance information).  On your second visit, the doctor will review his findings with you and whether he can accept your case.  The finances will be discussed then.  If there is someone else involved with the financial decision, then please have them present at this visit. Even if you do not have insurance we will make payment arrangements with you.  Let's focus on what is most important...getting your health back.

Weight Loss Program

Generally, insurance does not cover weight loss.  (When insurance does cover a weight loss program it is commonly for Phentermine which is an Amphetamine like drug that many would call "speed".) Your HSA (Health Savings Account) can be used.   We have different programs and we don't know what is needed until we do our initial evaluation.  The finances are reviewed at the end of the initial visit for weight loss services.  The fee for this initial visit is $19.

Nutrition Counseling

The initial evaluation visit is $75.  The follow-up (report and recommendations) visit is $50.  Standard Process nutritional products are sold according to our price list.  These are all natural whole food supplements.  Insurance does not cover this.

Custom Orthotics

Help for plantar fascitis, bunions, hammer toes, shin splints, back pain, sciatica and spinal stability.  Includes custom fitting.  Very durable.  The cost varies.  Ask for details.

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